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Te Ora Hou Wellington East

Skinny Jump

We have been a Skinny jump partner since 2018.

Over the last three and a half years we have successfully signed up more than 160 families to the Skinny Jump programme enabling families to access affordable internet. Our staff have high trust relationships within the local Māori and Pasifika community in Wellington East, they go into homes to help families set up their modems and connect to broadband internet.

Skinny Jump is flexible prepaid broadband: Only $5 for 30GB of data, no contracts or credit checks, and the modem comes free of charge. Just top up as you go.
The prepaid top-up system means you can get a 30GB plan for only $5. You can renew the plan five times each month, up to a maximum of 150GB for $25.
If you would like support connecting to affordable internet contact us.