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Te Ora Hou Wellington East


Te Ora Hou Wellington East is a group of people, mostly Māori and Pasifika, committed to the holistic development of young people, their whānau and communities. We are involved in a wide variety of youth and community development initiatives at a local, regional, and national level. Te Ora Hou Wellington East is affiliated to Te Ora Hou Aotearoa – a national network of organisations with a similar kaupapa.


For Tamariki and Rangatahi to grow up with a strong sense of identity to reach their full potential in families that are loving, healthy and creative. 

News and Events

One on One Computer lessons

One-on-one free computer lessons give people the opportunity to gain the skills they need at a pace that suits them. ...
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Driver Mentor Program

Driving a car can open up so many opportunities  - from getting a job to looking after whānau or taking...
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Community Hāngī

The last few years have been pretty tough for many families in our community  – so we decided that twice...
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