Tautoko 2015 - Te Aute College, Hastings


Every two years all 6 regional Te Ora Hou centres converge to participate in Tautoko.  The event is run over 5 days and provides a great opportunity for rangatahi from around New Zealand to meet new people, participate in kapa haka, weaving, sports, music, art and many other challenging activites.   Hastings Te Ora Hou hosted the event this year, and over 170 rangatahi showed up at the event.


Weaving Workshops


Tautoko also provides a great variety of cultural workshops for youth to learn mau rākau, weaving, haka and waiata.  Other workshops included dance, grafitti art,making a hangi and zumba.  Feedback from our young people was that they enjoyed trying something new, and that they would consider participating in similar activities back in their own communities.


Sports Day


Our sports day started of with an Iron Māori Triathlon competition.  Most of the youth had never competed in a triathlon before so trying some new sports that differ from the normal rugby and netball was great.  Other sports games through out the day included Ki o Rahi, Basketball and the Northland Games.  

Hakari (Feast) Prep


Feeding over 170 hungry young people takes a lot of preparation.  Our group were sentenced to help with the stuffing, and it required all hands on deck to 

get through the 50 loaves of bread.  Youth also had the option to learn how prepare and cook a hangi.  The hakari on Friday night was a success.


Through out the week youth learnt a Flash Mob Dance which was performed at Splash Planet.  See the video below





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We will aim to update our initiatives map as we go along.


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Working in partnership with the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa, Skinny Jump, the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre and our local rangatahi, we have supported 110 families to connect to broadband internet via the Skinny Jump programme.




With support from Internet NZ and working in partnership with e-Learning Porirua and the Miramar and Maupuia Community Centre, we supported 15 locals to get their Computer in Homes Certificate.